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unnamedWhen you want to sell gold, silver, diamonds or any precious metals or jewelry, Columbia MO diamondhas chosen to deal with Amerigems. For three generations, Amerigems has been the industry experts when it comes to offering fair pricing for both buying and selling gold, silver diamonds, coins and jewelry. Our experience in the jewelry and precious metal industry has literally taken us around the globe to other countries so that we can be better at buying and selling gold, silver, diamonds and more and provide you with the best possible experience when selling your precious metals in Columbia MO.

Coin and Currency  Buyer in Columbia MO


In addition to buying and selling gold, silver and diamonds, Amerigems is one of the industry experts on rare coins and currency in Mid-Missouri area. There are literally thousands off different coins and currency in existence as some coins have been in use since the dawn of civilization. At Amerigems, we can help you determine whether or not your rare coins or currency is worth something and if so we may buy it from you. If you want to sell coins or currency in the Columbia MO area, come to Amerigems where we specialize in knowing the value of your coins and helping you get the most money when selling your coins.




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