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Gold has long been one of the most sought after precious metals since the dawn of man. Something about the color and density of gold has captivated us for generations and we continue to place a high monetary value on it to this day. When buying and selling your gold coins and gold jewelry in the Columbia MO area, it is important to keep in mind that the price of gold fluctuates continuously and there are different purities. In recent years, buying and selling gold has become a staple in nearly every US city and Columbia MO is no different. What makes Amerigems different at buying and selling gold in Columbia MO is that for “three generations” we have watched the market price of gold go up and down and in the end, we pay well for it. Whether you have unwanted or broken jewelry, gold teeth, or gold coins, the gold buyers at Amerigems are always interested in buying it from you. Even if you do not know for sure if your jewelry or coins are actually made of gold, it never hurts to come by our store and check. We are the gold buying experts in the Columbia MO area and we look forward to buying your gold at a fair price today. Give us a call at (573) 449-4367 or Stop by and see us!




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