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For three generations, Amerigems has been buying and selling numerous collectible coins, gold coins, silver coins, bullion coin-buyer-gold-silver-Columbia-MOand currency, etc. We are the ‘best buyers’ in Columbia Mo and therefore offer our clients better value coin-dealer-buyer-Columbia-MOthen other coin buyers in the area. The staff at Amerigems understands the value of coins, bullion and currency and is constantly tracking prices, trends and markets. Whether your coins or currency are in mint condition or not, the coin buying experts at Amerigems can help you first determine the value or your coins or currency and get you the most money when selling them in Columbia MO.  Amerigems will assist you without obligation when selling your items and utilize our extensive knowledge and expertise to obtain the best price. Selling your coins is easy and hassle free at Amerigems and we look forward to buying your coins in Columbia MO. Stop by our store today to sell your gold, silver, precious metals and gemstones and, of course, coins and currency.




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